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Full Moon in Capricorn: Lightening the Load


The Full Moon in Capricorn is a tricky one and the contrast of emotion and ambition can bring all kinds of feelings and resistance to the surface. This Full Moon should be an eye-opener into what you want to do with your life and how you can get your emotions to work with you in your ascent to the top.

Emotional Cancer meets the stubborn goat of Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and so brings all the struggle and pressure of an overbearing boss, but it can also lead you to transformations into a higher way of working with the world – particularly in terms of your career or life’s work.

This Capricorn Full Moon might be a difficult one for some as it is at odds with the Sun in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon and is all about feelings, whereas good old Capricorn is about hard work and challenge.

Just like the goat, Capricorn faces things head on, which could upset your current crabby Sun vibe of wanting to hide away from difficult things in the safety of your shell.

While it might be easy to go along with Cancer’s sensitive mood and ignore the pressure from grandpa Saturn, if you can tease yourself out of hiding, Full Moon in Capricorn can be a fantastic way to clear the air surrounding your ambitions and get you started on a new path.

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Letting go of tried and tested routines on full moon

Full Moon is a great time for letting go of things, and if you’ve been struggling with any emotions surrounding your work life or career, taking some time to reflect or meditate on these feelings will open up doors that you never would have noticed before.

On top of this, the Capricorn way of routines and tradition is challenged by the unconscious energy of the Moon and this could lead you to a breakthrough of some kind in the way that you work or plan for the future – could there be a better way of doing things?

Are your emotions holding you back from success?

Another point to consider is if your emotions have been overwhelming you, again particularly surrounding your life’s directions.

We all tend to despair at the demands of a working life, but has this pressure been gnawing at you unconsciously? Is there anything you can do to change your situation for the better? Or do you need to just take some of Capricorn’s classic medicine and work through your struggles onto better pastures?

Like the mountain goat, you may encounter rocky parts on your climb to the top and perhaps you’ve been carrying something which slows you down? Is there anything you can let go of and leave behind in order to make your ascent a little easier?

Now is the time to confront these feelings and see where your next step lies. If you put a foot wrong you could fall and that’s scary, but a mountain goat trusts where it treads and lets the instincts of the Moon guide it to the top.

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