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2 Ways to Rock Mercury Retrograde

2 Ways to Rock Mercury Retrograde - Dismystic

So it’s Mercury Retrograde again, that time of year when everything seemingly goes a bit mental, technology gives up and we all generally feel a bit frazzled, but instead of worrying and blaming that damn planet up there, maybe we could try something different this time?

For those that are new to astrology, Mercury rules our mental clarity, communication, technology and travel, so when it’s in retrograde (meaning it looks like it’s travelling backwards) these areas of life seem to move backwards too.

But while this week has been a mental struggle to get everything done, and even if I had time to communicate, my phone coincidentally decided to stop working slap bang on the first day of Mercury Retrograde, I’m actually feeling pretty positive. Cos I tell you what, ain’t no planet gonna keep me down.

And in only two tiny steps here’s how you can beat the Mercury Retrograde BS too:

1. Slow Down Cowboy

As a Virgo, Mercury is my ruling planet, so when it goes into retrograde I (and my fellow Virgo lovelies) can feel it much more strongly than your average Jane. Being the detail-loving, perfectionist freaks we are, this added struggle can often overwhelm and paralyse, turning us into gibbering wrecks – but alas, no more!

This time around instead of fighting, I’m mixing it up by channelling the vibe of my opposite sign, the Pisces.

Instead of freaking out that I’ve got three deadlines due in one day and all my brain will give me is the same Taylor Swift lyric over and over and over again, I’m being adaptable, dreamy and carefree – hey it’ll get done – said no Virgo ever, yet it always does get done, I make sure of it, so I may as well relax and ride the wave.

“Take the path of least resistance” some wise person once said. If I can do it as a workaholic, worry-wart Virgo, so can you.


Mercury Retrograde meme

2. If it Don’t Work, Don’t Fix it

Wait, shouldn’t that be…? No, you read right. Bear with me here.

It’s Mercury Retrograde and things are bound to break down, blow up and basically give you technological torture for the next few weeks. As I mentioned earlier my phone decided to stop working on the first day of MR (I know right, wtf). At first this was bad, real bad, I’m sure you can all agree. But now on day 6 of my phoneless existence I’ve noticed something.

It’s actually pretty nice.

I don’t have ten million emails taunting me, no hours lost Facebook scrolling (don’t pretend you don’t do it too), no time wasting memes, gifs, hashtags and whatever else the kids on social media are into nowadays, and more time, more freedom, more aaahhhhhhhhhhh…

OK, I know these things can be fun too, and I’m not suggesting we all ditch our phones, but after hours of trawling internet forums and several phone calls to Apple who said I’d have to wait ten days to get my phone working again (apparently some guy waited a month, and again wtf), I just said “ok” and put my phone away in a drawer.

Now I’m living the life of a carefree bohemian with no determinable schedule or responsibilities… kinda…

Well OK maybe not, a life of no structure would drive a Virgo insane anyway, but I do feel lighter. There’s nothing I can do about the situation and I can’t fix it, so what’s the point in worrying or seeking other solutions?

If it don’t work, don’t fix it.

Go do something else, relish the change of vibe your broken phone has allowed you and stop trying to fix everything yourself.

3. Rinse and REpeat

So now you’ve got these two tips down, all you need to do is rinse and REpeat (see what I did there? Mercury REtrograde? I know, genius).

Now each time Mercury Retrograde fever strikes, just keep asking yourself these questions:

Am I trying to do too much?

Can I actually fix it?

Then react accordingly. Often you’ll find that if you just sloooowww down, and stop trying to micromanage every little thing, Mercury Retrograde ain’t so bad, as long as you don’t let it take over.

Be gentle with yourself and slow the f down. Take a holiday, take a bath, take a nap. Let the planets do their thing and just ride the astrological wave baby – ain’t no planet gonna stop you doing your thang. Not now, not ever, so might as well go with the flow.





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