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Astrology, alchemy, witchcraft, religion. Mindfulness, metaphysics, tarot, psychology. You'll find everything you need here to tame your inner world, and in turn transform the outer.

What will you find on this site?

*Get the scoop on the latest ASTROLOGY - I'll be dishing out juicy planetary updates to guide you through unchartered times.

*Words and thoughts on adjusting our mindsets, breaking our blocks, and levelling up our psyches using ALCHEMY.

*And to get those hopes and dreams manifested in reality - a little sprinkling of MAGICal thinking.

                                   - and hey presto - transformation!

The Dismystic Manifesto:

What does disillusioned mean? Well, it basically means fed-up, except “mysticism for the fed-up” didn’t sound quite as catchy.

When people say they’re disillusioned with life, usually what they mean is that they’re seeing and feeling something different to what they want to see and feel.

This, of course, causes mental struggle, and it’s this struggle that I focus on here.

DISMYSTIC stemmed from my desire to share all the bad shit in life; the ache of longing, the mental anguish that comes, at times, with existing here on Planet Earth.

And it wasn’t just so I could have a moan (although that’s often a valid and rather fun approach, it’s not really a long-term option).

I wanted to share the ways I’ve managed my own states of disillusion (of which there are MANY), and how living a mystical life has totally lessened the intensity and the recurrence of these states.

Now, when I find myself growing weary of the world, or chasing my tail in smaller and smaller mental circles until I implode, I reach for the stars, to use a pretty cheesy metaphor.

When shit hits the fan, I turn to astrology to guide me through the rough times and give me a meaning to the madness.

I continuously work on my mindset. Observing, shaping and sorting my thoughts in the ways of the alchemists.

I dedicate myself to the void and offer my thanks to the trees, the gods and the energies that be. I play with the fabric of reality by accepting that it’s not quite as straightforward as we all think.

I’ve always been a realist, but mysticism seemed about the realest stuff I’d ever come across.

I’m still gonna talk about the bad shit, cos trust me as someone who has come LEAPS and bounds in their mental health, I still have days where the sun don’t shine and the world is pretty bleak.

BUT now I have a lifejacket (alchemy), an oar (astrology) and some snacks (magic) to keep me going.

If you’re desperate to move in a direction you KNOW you should be going, yet you just can’t seem to get past the fog – come join me on my mystic mail list, where we talk about aaaaall this juicy transformation stuff and how to channel it into getting what you want out of life.


Hi I’m Ellie. I like trees, long walks outside and alternate interpretations of reality.

Ellie Pierpoint of DisMystic magazine

If you want to find out more about me (I write AND I astrology…ise?) see my website.

Join me in finding a new way to turn our leaden souls into spiritual gold. It's easier than you think.

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  2. You are not your thoughts.
  3. What you are seeking is you.

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Ciao babies xxx

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